Educators´ labor recognized in Ciego de Ávila

Foto Ana María Tejera Orihuela

Students and teachers of sixth grade of elementary school José de la Luz y Caballero of Ciego de Avila, recognized the work of the members of the Provincial Department of Education.

The students prized the teachers with a spoken chorus, poems and songs of the Literacy Campaign and the performance of their teachers in the classroom.

Reinaldo Expósito Pacheco, teacher of the educational institution, explained that the activity is part of the organized apropos of the day for the Educator Day which ends on December 22nd.

Melany Reboredo García, on behalf of her students group, said that “… you led the way, we follow your examples, we will be future defender teachers of our principles and values.”

Meanwhile Frank Alberto Santos Aragon, son of two health professionals who provide their collaboration in the People’s Republic of Angola, said that he wants to follow in the footsteps of his internationalist parents to contribute to society and serve the country.

Advisors, researchers and methodologists of the Provincial Directorate of Education in Ciego de Avila appreciated the recognition of the pioneers of the Elementary School José de La Luz y Caballero on the day of the educator.

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