Dreams, effort and goals achieved

Ingeniero Carlos Blanco Sánchez/Foto Alina Valenzuela García

Son of country workers, he was born on a sugar cane farm in ´Las Mercedes´, a small colony 11 kilometers away from Gaspar … he attributes his love for the land and its constant commitment to see it produce to his country origin…

Engineer Carlos Blanco Sánchez graduated very young as a technician in sugar cane and took his first steps as a worker in a district of the municipality Venezuela and then directed a plant sanity station. One day he was asked to go to ´LaCuba´ for a while and he is still there, after 37 years.

He transited there for different responsibilities and he has been the director for 25 years, helmsman of the heterogeneous ship grouping the workers of the Agricultural State Company ´La Cuba´; they together face hurricanes, suffer losing banana plantations and rejoice with rapid recovery. He says that these forces of nature are the most difficult.

He is not a reunions lover, he prefers direct communication with subordinates, and runs the fields every day to face the facts.

He is one of the leaders of agriculture in Ciego de Ávila with more recognition for the merit of his work. Talking to him is like receiving a lecture on economy and planning, numbers come and multiply rapidly into palpable results that astonish those who think that in the world the State Enterprise is a failure.

Illustrious son of Ciego de Avila province, Carlos Blanco Sánchez faces challenges, continues to reap victories and dreams big with both feet firmly planted on the red earth of Baraguá, the town where he was born.

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