Draft Constitution strengthens Cuban cultural policy

LLuis Morlote., Senior vice president of UNEAC / Photo PL
Luis Morlote., Senior vice president of UNEAC / Photo PL

Cuban artists and intellectuals feel fully identified with the new draft constitution.

The new draft Constitution strengthens the cultural policy of the Cuban State, said today the vice president of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), Luis Morlote.

This document embodies the axiom on the wider creative freedom of form and content, puts it this way and for us it is nothing more than a reaffirmation of cultural policy since the Revolution has been applied in Cuba, pointed out the intellectual in an interview with  “Prensa Latina”.

We can see treatment to the issue of heritage conservation of the monuments in the document, the importance of teaching history, the issue of continuity in the formation of the creators of art education and other transcendent issues involving the sector, he said.

We Cuban artists and intellectuals are fully identified with the new draft Constitution, it is revolutionary; We have also been very active since its inception, when we became  part of the Committee of Education, Culture, Science , Technology and Environment of the National Assembly, said Morlote.

‘Our aspirations are contained in that document because we believe it expresses the society we have and we want to build, it lays the foundation for the changes that must occur to perfect the socialism we are building and which creators and artists are part of’.

In all areas we express our commitment and support to this process, which, from now on, we consider it as successful because it attracted popular mobilization, people have acted with a sense of belonging, discussing the issues that are there and proposing others, pointed the vice president of UNEAC to this news agency.

At the time, the well – known plastic artist Aristides Hernandez (Ares) also said that the discussion of the new draft of the constitution shows that our system is democratic.

For me, Ares said, it has been very rewarding to see that the top leadership of the country has decided to transform and adjust the country’s constitution to the new conditions, there are countries where the constitution has not changed in hundreds of years, he explained.

These debates have created a participatory space, the people have had the opportunity to comment, this is an unprecedented exercise and it will be remembered for its political and social significance, said the caricaturist.

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