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Ciego de Ávila

Day of the Announcer celebrated in Ciego de Ávila

With a special celebration dedicated to Alberto Pardo Companioni, National Radio Award 2020, and under strict biosecurity rules, the Cuban Annoucer’s Day was celebrated this December 1st in Ciego de Ávila.

Lidia Xiomara Viamonte Alfonso, director of the Provincial Radio Station in the province, and Lidice Pérez Zayas, secretary of the cultural workers’ union at the same level, had phrases of praise for the professionals of the word, who under different conditions, know how to transmit the true and objective message to the people.

The meeting recognized the solidity of the work they have done over the years to maintain the condition of Speech Capital of the island, a title that identifies them among the symbols of the central region.

During the ceremony held at Radio Surco, audiovisuals that show the history of the sector in the Land of the Pineapple were presented, the reason for the close relationship with listeners, and the foundations that show the good speech of the speakers.

The congratulations for the Cuban Speakers’ Day were also sent by representatives of political and mass organizations, companies and organizations, as well as by the citizens, who, with a sense of belonging, mentioned the remarkable speakers who currently work in the main facility, the municipal radio stations of Morón, Chambas, Primero de Enero, and the local television.

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