Cuba’s first bioelectric plant goes into operation

Desde el control central de la bioeléctrica se visualizó el comportamiento de las primeras pruebas de entrega de energía a la red nacional, chequeo realizado por especialistas de la República Popular China. Foto José Luis Martínez Alejo

From the central control of the bioelectric plant, the behavior of the first tests of energy delivery to the national network was visualized, check carried out by specialists from the People’s Republic of China. Photo José Luis Martínez Alejo

Bad news for the imperial magnate who is blocking the hydrocarbon trade: the group of the first bioelectric plant that started its operations in Cuba, and who does not stop its investment process in the center of Ciego de Avila province, successfully synchronized the generator and proved during the last 72 hours the reliability of those tests in the delivery to the National Electro energetic System (SEN).

“The contribution exceeded 803, 320 megawatts (mw) since the start on Thursday afternoon. On Saturday before sunset, it averaged 23 megawatts per hour,” Said Livan Doporto Martin, Master’s Degree in Energy Efficiency, to ´Trabajadores´.

The contribution was remarkable considering that the initial exercise was carried out with boiler number 1. Boiler number 2 should be ready by next March. With both the production would be about 30 mw in the sugar seasons and 50 in time out of the harvest.

“The requirements established by the quality standards have been met; however, we will have greater precision in the behavior of the electrical indicators when the report on the results of these tests is made,” said engineer Adisley Peña, assistant director of the plant.

He argued that the next steps would be to stop the energy block and carry out a general inspection of the equipment, especially to verify the state of the boiler’s refractory system, which maintained a favorable behavior, as well as operate the substation and the 110 kilovolt line that distributes energy to the SEN.

He specified that work is being done on the completion of boiler two, the construction of the socio-administrative building and the interconnection with the Ciro Redondo plant, whose work includes the assembly of the bagasse conveyor and the pipes for the exchange of thermal energy that will be supplied by the modern source, and the condensed water that this will receive from the neighbouring sugar mill.

When one hundred percent of the equipment of the new renewable energy source is put into operation, it will not only guarantee the equivalent of 50% of the electricity consumption in the province of Ciego de Ávila, plus the saving of thousands of barrels of oil, but also the production with less environmental pollution and less noise for the well-being of its workers and the surrounding population.

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