Consumer´s protection Overseen in Ciego de Ávila

Protección al consumidor y al trabajador de Acopio, retos en agromercados del municipio avileño de Ciro Redondo. Foto: José Luis Martínez Alejo

Varieties and commercial offers improve in Ciego de Avila, as well as presentation techniques of products during the early summer despite the difficulties supply in the last stage nationwide, according to the State Bureau of Commerce in the province.

Diana Sánchez Díaz, senior specialist in consumer´s protection in that entity, said that among its most important commitments are to ensure that goods are properly distributed in the commercial network and answer the demands of the people.

The official of the entity added that among other issues they still need to overcome public attention by the staffs of the units that interact directly with customers.

At this stage the workers of the State Board of Trade intensify checks and systematic routes to centers where this type of activity is carried out, to help the summer stage proceed with better services for Ciego de Avila.

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