Consultation on new Constitution of Cuba enters fifth week

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Debatirán en Haití proyecto constitucional cubano /Foto PL

Almost one thousand Cubans resident in 91 countries Have given their judgment through the website of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

The referendum on the new Cuban constitution now enters the fifth week of a planned phase until November15th, marked by new scenarios of debates inside and outside the island.

The beginning of the school year 2018-2019 the previous week, and the participation of Cubans living abroad promise greater diversity of views and proposals for change, delete or adhere aspects in the Constitution.

Among the main issues addressed so far dominated the changes made to the institution of marriage and the state structure; the creation of the figures of president, prime minister and governors; the duties and rights of citizens and economic fundaments.

In an unprecedented act , the more than one million 400 thousand Cubans living outside the island offer their views on the proposed constitution since the beginning of this month, through a section enabled on the Nation and Emigration website, the Ministry Cuban Foreign Affairs (MFA).

According to the Foreign Ministry in the first week of participation nearly a thousand criteria were recorded from 91 countries.

Thus, all Cubans, regardless of their geographic location, have the opportunity to comment and contribute to the construction of the new law of laws.

All Cubans over 16 were invited to submit their views by the National Assembly, which on 22 July last approved the project.

Although this is a total reform of the Constitution, valid since 1976, the new text reaffirms the socialist character of the state and the role of the Communist Party of Cuba as a fundamental pillar of unity and the political, economic and social order.

Members of the parliamentary committee in charge with drafting the constitution issued noted that the criteria will be taken into account and enrich the text to the making of the final document, which will be submitted to popular referendum.

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