Constitutional reform: a query for all Cuba

Proyecto de Constitución. Foto PL

Every citizen has the duty to contribute to the development of the most important legal document of the nation.

Almost 150 years after the first law of laws was created in Cuba, we Cubans are protagonists of one of the most significant challenges for the Revolution: we participate in a constitutional reform that reflects the economic, political and social transformations in recent years.

In this hour of deep challenge, which is signed in the sacred text, it will depend on the defense of our fundamental rights and principles.

So the commitment is not only to attend the referendum; but also to take part, contribute from individual and collective responsibility for the future of Cuba.

Every citizen has a duty to contribute to the development of the most important legal document of the nation. It is therefore essential that in the workplace or in the community we expose our criteria to a necessary consensus, which is to forge diverse opinions, to form the constitutional text.

The draft Constitution proposes a modern and updated vision of social, economic, political and social system in the country. That is the draft Constitution which is on the street, in neighborhoods, in institutions, in workplaces. We must create a beneficial referendum, it is a popular responsibility; participate directly is a right that we must enforce.

There is no doubt that Cuba moves from its roots. Inspired by the legacy of José Martí and all independence heroes, guided by the thought of the historical leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, we must work to achieve a constitutional provision that reflects the sustainability of a nation where the revolutionary state strengthens as an institution and the José Marti’s thought prevails “the first law of our Republic to be the tribute of Cubans to the man´s full dignity.”

The constitutional history of Cuba was born in the country with the clamor of the independence wars. The new text synthesizes, as the ancestors documents, the struggles of the Cuban people for their independence and sovereignty.

The discussion of the Constitution Project, which began on August 13th, reassures us that the Cuban people is constitutional, and that this is a process that gives a deeply democratic example to the world.

The contents of the draft of the new Constitution, from its preamble, is based on the ideology of the Cuban Revolution leader, and it establishes that Cuba is a socialist state from its right, committed to strengthening national unity, and where the Communist Party is the rector of society.

The popular consultation that will run until November 15th is an exercise of responsibility for the present and the future of the country, in order to build a law of laws for new times, to transform and rise as a nation, as a society and as people.

Cuba is experiencing a decisive phase of constitutional reform. This is the time now, and who leaves participation for another moment will miss the opportunity to contribute to the collective construction of historical document.

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