Closing of the innovator´s stage to be made in Ciego de Avila


The contribution in the current year of more than 125 thousand pesos to the Cuban economy by creativity concept, allowed the selection of the Provincial Water management company in Ciego de Avila, the place for the closing ceremony for the National Stage of the Innovator.

Aneidis García Zamora, President of the ANIR on company, said that the greatest value of the 35 members of the organization is the coherent unity that characterizes them, all imbued in raising the quality of provided services.

Among the significant results it is included  the award for the greatest impact, effective assessments to works made in strategic areas of the territory, and the participation of specialists in the Great Wetland of the North and its insertion to the Life Task.

They similarly achieved high recognition for the quality of water treatment residuals, and the investment process in the Aqueduct Ruspoli, located in a rural area that intertwines to supply the vital liquid to more than 49 thousand inhabitants of the avilanian capital.

The ending of the Innovator´s day in Ciego de Ávila , which will be held at the Provincial Company of Water management, will allow the deliveryof the conditions ” 8 de Octubre “ and “Guerrillero de la Creatividad” to a large group of ANIR members and the company headquarters of the ceremony.

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