Ciego de Avila´s third day in the largest fair place of Cuba

Productos de Ceballos ocupan el centro de atención de quienes llegan a Expocuba este viernes /Fotos Dalgys Zurita Jaime

Today begins another day of Ciego de Avila´s Expo fair in Expocuba, Havana, with samples of production and services from Ciego de Avila, and sales of distinctive products of the territory.

Companies like ´La Cuba´ and ´Ceballos´, the Food Industry, Commerce, ETECSA, Comcávila, Labiofam, Opticians and Pharmacies, maintain a high demand for food and products among visitors to the site.

Yesterday distinct entities promoted their business lines, including the Copextel Company, Lidex Furniture, Cepil, Clothing Trévol and dissimilar entities of light industry.

This afternoon there will be a conference on exports in the Executive Lounge of the Central Pavilion, where the experiences of the Company Ceballos will be exposed, a center that leads the only local productive exporter pole in the industry on the island.

So today it will continue for the fifth consecutive year and its third day in Expocuba, an exhibition that shows the growth and development of the socioeconomic labor of Ciego de Avila in the last stage.

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