Ciego de Avila developed in advanced surgery to correct colon cancer

El equipo de cirujanos del Hospital Provincial Antonio Luaces Iraola, goza de gran prestigio en las operaciones por métodos mínimamente invasivos/Foto Vielka Taño Montejo

The progressive development of surgeries of minimal access in Ciego de Ávila has a positive impact on the health of patients with colon cancer, despite shortages of inputs for surgical activity in the country in recent months due to the worsening of the imperialist blockade against the nation.

The team of surgeons of the Provincial Hospital Antonio Luaces Iraola, have great prestige in operations by minimally invasive methods, with more than 20 years of experience in these procedures and being the second province, after Havana, with satisfactory results in the application of this treatment technology.

Although the first cases were performed just over two years ago, the project began much earlier, from contacts with Swiss specialists, who often share their experiences with surgeons from Cuba during the celebration of the arthroscopic orthopedic symposia made every year in the avilanian locality.

Strengthening the bonds of friendship with those experts enabled the commissioning of high technology media and professional development about these surgical procedures, acquired by Avilanian specialists in international courses in France and Switzerland.

Dr. Felipe Aragon Palmero, head of the team of professionals who practices advanced minimally invasive surgery in the hospital, explained that the challenge of the group is to create a regional center for that activity, taking advantage of existing means of advance at the institution and the staff wishes to continue advancing in these treatments.

In any developed country these operations that require advanced equipment and high human knowledge, cost about 20,000 US dollars; while in Cuba this and all treatments that are costly, are completely free.

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