Children with disabilities in Ciego de Ávila expand their participation in cultural events

Niños avileños con diversas discapacidades disfrutan este verano de las opciones culturales que ofrecen las instituciones / Foto La Demajagua

Children with hearing, visual and motor physical disabilities are extensively involved during this summer season in the activities programmed for them at the cultural institutions of Ciego de Avila.

Hector Araujo Santana, vice president of the ACLIFIM in the province, said that since the beginning of the  summer many of them go to the Zoo of the city, where, besides knowing the animal species that holds the center, enjoy the performance of clowns and puppeteers .

He said that this weekend there will also be the performance of the Guiñol Punchinela for them at the zoo, whose members prepare a varied show where humor, music and presentation of glove puppets prevail.

The provincial library Roberto Rivas Fraga is another institution this summer working with children with various disabilities, in which they take part in reading activities, workshops, competitions and collective birthdays.

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