Che remembered in Medical University of Ciego de Avila

Recuerdan al Che en Universidad Médica de Ciego de Ávila /Fotos Iván Paz Nogueira

The Faculty of Medical Sciences José Assef Yara of Ciego de Avila paid tribute to the heroic guerrilla fighter Ernesto Guevara in the month of his death.

The encounter with history was attended by retired Lt. Col. Efrén León Nápoles, member of the Ciro Redondo Column number eight, commanded by Che from the Sierra Maestra to overthrow the Batista´s dictatorship.

Young people from about 12 countries of the Brigade of Solidarity Ernesto Che Guevara attended the exchange where the Hero´s exceptional human qualities surfaced and details of his column path through southern Ciego de Avila .

In the Avilanian Faculty of Medical Sciences the former fighter Efrén Leon recalled that Che was a man who imposed discipline and respect and was always ready to teach his soldiers, as well as heal the wounded as a doctor.

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