Births rate grew in Ciego de Avila during 2018

Photo Anabel Díaz

A figure of 4 825 children were born in the province of Ciego de Avila during the recently finished 2018, according to the report issued by the Department of Health of the territory.

Compared with 2017 (4697), there were 128 infants more, which helps to raise the birth rate that the country needs.

Objective conditions of economic and social order, significant emigration rate and other factors have depressed population growth in Cuba, for which solutions are sought.

If on one hand the family doctors, first level of primary health care, work to avoid early pregnancy and motherhood risk in women with severe diseases, on the other hand costly investigations of infertility are provided and various treatments are conducive to achieve desired gestations.

Ciego de Avila has an approximate population density of 62.1 people per square kilometer and specialists’ calculations indicate that for this 2019 its population figure would be more than 442,500 throughout the province, divided into 10 municipalities.

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