Benefits of International Health Care in Ciego de Avila

Hospital Antonio Luaces Iraola de Ciego de Ávila /Foto Idael Varela Ferrer

Dozens of Cubans living abroad who come to Ciego de Avila every year to visit relatives and friends, approach the provincial Hospital Antonio Luaces Iraola facing any eventuality in search of the good services of the multipurpose room for care to patients from other nations.

Gustavo López González, head of the team, told ACN that there are available for care, three cubicles with suitable human, technical and material conditions which provide comfort to patients and their companions, as well as medical personnel.

As stated by the doctor, the facility, constituted three years ago, is the work of the will of the Cuban health system, because such assistance was previously offered with two annex cubicles to the intensive care unit of the hospital.

He added that in the service a wide range of medical programs is developed, such as ophthalmology, cosmetic surgery and minimal access, angiology and orthopedics, which professional show to visitors, even more, the height of the international prestige achieved by Cuban medicine.

In 2017 they were benefited both in revenue and outpatient clinics, more than 100 foreign patients and so far this year, 85 have already been attended, which not only contributes to the tranquility of dozens of distant families from the suffering ones or of visitors passing through the city, but it also generates economic contributions to the Cuban health system, said López González.

Estela Joseph Maxwell, head nurse of the multipurpose room, said that they work there five of these professionals, meanwhile, she insisted that the various benefits, in addition to exposing the capacity and quality of Cuban medicine, are necessary to generate foreign exchange, reversed then in most of the health centers in the hands of the national population.

Bárbara Ajete Gómez and her husband Carlos Manuel Aguirre González, both residing in The United States, were admitted in this room in 2017, with serious injuries following a traffic accident on the main road, in the area known as Las Coloradas, in the municipality of Majagua.

The attention provided by the entire group was spectacular, especially orthopedic and nurses at the head of our medical care, said Bárbara Ajete Gómez, who found there an emotional support due to the loss her parents Ángela and Eliseo, in the same accident.

The Provincial Hospital Antonio Luaces Iraola, from Ciego de Avila , has 500 beds to serve the population, about fifty specialties, modern technology equipment and highly qualified staff, which largely show the commitment of the State to contribute to the health care of its people.


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