Avilanians pioneers perform activities in the Camilo-Che´s Historical Stage

Realizan pioneros avileños actividades en la jornada Camilo-Che /Fotos Albert Fajardo Jiménez

Special meetings, visits to historical sites and talks about the life and work of Camilo and Che, are some of the activities held in honor by the José Martí Pioneer Organization in Ciego de Avila to these two heroes of Cuba and the world .

As part of the stage they are also carried out special morning meetings, cultural and sports activities, meetings with members of the Association of Combatants of the Revolution and camping in different student campuses.

The occasion leads to the analysis of some articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba, action carried out together by teachers and students, which will strengthen the ethical, moral and patriotic values, with reference to the solid revolutionary principles of both heroes.

The Avilanian pioneers´ Tribute to Camilo and Che began last Oct. 8th, with the entry of first grade students to the organization, culminating in the traditional pilgrimage of flowers in rivers, lakes and seas, the 28th, 60th anniversary of the physical disappearance of the Hero of Yaguajay.

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