Avilanian student awarded in contests of knowledge

Foto Miladys Causilla Cutiño

Jetzabell Rubio, from the Pre universitary Urban Institute (IPU) Raúl Cervantes in Ciego de Avila , was the most integral student in municipal knowledge contests, with three gold medals, in the subjects of Spanish, Physics and Spelling.

Sadira Herrera Rodríguez, head of the education at this level, explained that the laureates in the provinces and the nation can obtain a university degree, related to the specialty in which they competed, without having to pass the entrance examinations.

Herrera Rodríguez congratulated the group of workers of the mentioned school since it was the one with more participating students in the meeting, scheduled for students of high school level to demonstrate their potential.

Methodologists and coaches agree that these championships also encourage knowledge of the mother tongue and reading habits, and they become an excellent way to prepare for entrance exams to higher education.


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