Auditors intensify preventive work in Ciego de Ávila


Actions to enhance preventive performance in all sectors of the economy, is the main interest of the workers of the Comptroller in Ciego de Avila , as stated Odalis García Ordaz, maximum representative of this entity in the province.

Engaged in numerous activities to celebrate in all our country next august 1st  the 10 years of the founding of the institution, the leader said she was satisfied with the tasks undertaken, taking as an essential premise to maintain auditors´ respect and professional ethics.

Among the most essential programs to run each year, Ordaz Garcia cited the high impact of the National Checking to the Internal Control, which participation also extends to employees of agencies involved and the support of young people in college who attend Economics and law studies.

Another of the motivations that contributes to women and men of the Comptroller entity in Ciego de Avila to better performance of their duties, it is the improvement of conditions in workplaces and the new regulation that establishes the wage increases in the budgeted field.

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