Art and love outspread in Ciego de Ávila by the Guignol from Remedios

Con sabiduría y amor los integrantes del Guiñol de Remedios deleitaron a niños y adultos de Ciego de Ávila /Foto Francisnet Díaz Rondón

Members of the Remedios Guignol Theater Group, Fidel Galban Ramirez (formerly Rabindranath Tagore), delighted the avilanian young audience (and the older too, why not?) When on Friday morning they presented on the Boulevard de Ciego de Ávila , opposite the House of the Young Creator.

Roberto Carlos Armas Diaz, member of the provincial executive of the Hermanos Saiz Association, explained that Villa Clara artists, invited by the organization in the avilanian capital, deployed scenic domain on stage and told stories that the little ones loved, who enjoyed the play.

The specialist said that, connoisseurs about the quality of the visiting group and the excellence of its performances, boys of the experienced Jorge Luis Rojas were invited to share the summer with the local public.

The performance of the Guignol theater group Fidel Galbán Ramírez, from Remedios, in the House of the Young Creator of Ciego de Avila , responds to the need to offer cultural and recreational quality options to members, their families and the public in general.

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